September 2018  
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Project Richland
Project Managers: Michael Keith/Carrie Turner

The mission of Project Richland is to provide community and home emergency repair assistance throughout the Richland area. This is accomplished by organizing teams of volunteers and providing them with the necessary leadership, expertise, resources and materials.

 Project Richland is a non-denominational mission to serve the community of Richland. Our belief is man helping man, neighbor helping neighbor, block helping block, community helping community; which will create a ripple effect of positive behavior. Assistance is provided at no cost to homeowners and is completed at various times throughout the year. Each project requires the completion of multiple activities, including:  project selection, project leader assignment, needs assessment, materials and resource coordination, volunteer registration and site preparation.

 Labor for Project Richland is provided by teams of volunteers from throughout the Richland community and championed by the First Christian Church of Richland. Materials are provided at no cost to the homeowner. Project Richland accepts monetary or supply donations through the First Christian Church or through their partner organization, Better Lives Today.

 Project Richland receives work requests through a partnership with Mercy Medical Clinic, Central Ozarks Medical Center, Good Samaritan of Richland Food Bank, various churches, the City of Richland and residents of the community. We fulfill requests for repairs and improvements on a first come, first funds available process. The program is growing quicker than expected and has left us with more needs than funds.

 More than 35% of the population we serve are at poverty level or below. In 2014, volunteers completed more than 900 hours of repairs.

  Please note that all private donations are used to fund priate projects for individuals.  Community projects are funded by the entity for whom the project is performed (i.e. Richland Parks Department, City of Richland, Richland Schools).


* Denotes projects that are currently NOT funded


  • Shady Dell Park - Paint 4 shelter houses. Requires approximately 4 man hours per shelter. Skills required: Able to paint and climb a six-foot step ladder. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Shady Dell Park - Install metal roofing on 3 shelter houses. Skills required: Basic carpentry, ability to climb ladder, ability to lift 30 pounds. Requires approximately 8 man hours per shelter. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Shady Dell Park - Paint bridge rails on the walking path and all outdoor, wooden picnic tables. Requires approximately 4 man hours. Skills required: Able to paint. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Shady Dell Park - Install 4 basketball goals and paint markings on concrete. Requires approximately 20 man hours. Skills required: 1 semi-skilled carpenter with mechanical skills and 3 helpers with the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and ability to paint. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Shady Dell Park - Repaint historic train car. Requires approximately 16 man hours. Skills required: Ability to paint, do light sanding and ability to climb to the top of rail car to paint top portion. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Shady Dell Park - Repair all picnic tables. Requires approximately 4 man hours. Skills required: 1 semi-skilled carpenter and 2 helpers. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Oaklawn Cemetary - Construct 1 shelter house. Requires approximately 16 man hours. Skills required: 1 skilled carpenter and 4 helpers. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • City Heli-Pad - Repaint all markings. Requires approximately 2 man hours. Skills required: Able to paint and tape. Project is funded by the City of Richland.
  • Repair of handicap ramp for person with prosthetic leg:  Repair of existing handicap ramp and adding a concrete pad.  Requires approximately 10 man hours.  Skills required:  1 semi-skilled carpenter and 1 carpenter's helper.  Estimated cost is $150.00.  Project is funded.
  • Handicap ramp build for person with ALS:  Materials have been provided by another charitable organization but cannot provide funding for the build.  Build one handicap ramp.  Requires approximately 16 man hours.  Skills required:  2 semi-skilled carpenters and 1 carpenter's helper.  NO estimated cost for this project.  This project is on hold pending the Landlord's approval.
  • Disabled Senior - Replace kitchen floor. Requires approximately 12 man hours. Skills required: 1 semi-skilled person in electrical and plumbing and 2 helpers. Estimated cost: $800.00. Project is funded
  • FCC:    Add parking stripes to the parking lot, replace curbs, designate and mark parking spaces for handicap and seniors.  Paint all exterior doors.  Paint the Nursery.  Power wash exterior of the church building. Stain the well cover.
  • For Senior Lady:  Power washing and restaining an exhisting deck.  Repair of outside water faucet.    Project is funded by homeowner.   
  • Bill Kincaid:  Needs assistance with splitting and stacking wood.
  • Handicapped Teen - Build handicap ramp. Requires approximately 8 man hours. Skills required: 1 skilled carpenter and 2 helpers. Estimated cost: $500.00. Project is funded and completed.
  • Handicapped Cancer Patient - Build handicap ramp.  Requires approximately 8 man hours.  Skills required:  1 skilled carpenter and 2 helpers.  Estimated cost: $500.00.  Project is funded and completed.
  • Tear down and rebuild of room damaged by fire -  Build a 18' x 14' room attached to mobile home.  Requires approximately 250 man hours.  Skills required: 4 skilled carpenters, 1 skilled electrician, 1 skilled roofer, 1 skilled drywaller and 4 carpenter's helpers.  Estimated cost $2,400.00.  Project is funded and completed.
  • Senior - Paint outside of home. Requires approximately 8 man hours. Skills required: Ability to paint and climb step ladder. Estimated Cost: $250.00 Project is funded.
  • Single Female - Replace 2 windows, repair trim around picture window and seal, replace soffit in rear of house, replacement of bathroom floor, new toilet, repair leak in shower and replace tub-surround, put a missing wheel onto a lawn mower and remove brush from front yard. Requires approximately 25 man hours. Skills required: 2 semi-skilled carpenter and 2 helpers. Estimated cost: $750.00. Project is funded.  (Completed:  Repair of front door, replaced bathroom floor, installed new toilet, repaired leak in the shower and replaced the tub-surround.  The lawn mower was irreparable.  Removed brush from front yard.



-MICHAEL KEITH AT (573) 586-9923
- CARRIE TURNER AT (321) 689-0237

Project Richland 2014 Project Completion List


  • Built 5 handicap ramps
  • Repaired 1 handicap ramp
  • Repaired 1 deck
  • Replaced 1 bedroom floor to include floor joists
  • Painted and repaired building in Shady Dell Park
  • Winterized 1 home for a senior citizen in Crocker, MO
  • Repaired 6 bathrooms
  • Thawed frozen water for 10 families
  • Cleared overgrowth of brush from Shady Dell Park
  • Repaired 10 broken windows
  • Repaired the siding on 2 homes
  • Repaired the plumbing in 3 homes
  • Replaced a door on 1 shed
  • Trimmed the trees and painted the walkway railing at the Good Samaritan of Richlan
  • Weed eradication at 6 homes
  • Repaired floors in 6 homes
  • Delivered 40 Good Samaritan Christmas food baskets to needy families
  • Delivered 40 Good Samaritan Thanksgiving food baskets to needy families
  • Pumped flooded water from basements of 2 homes
  • Helped MOCA with edging and weeding at 2 homes
  • Painted numerous curbs in the City of Richland